0. Preliminaries
A McElderry Park Lectionary
Daily Lessons

0. Preliminaries

1.   Obtain the dates for Easter for 57 years beginning 2034.
Calculate the number of weeks from each Easter to the next.

(Easter Monday 2034 has been chosen as the launch date for several reasons. (1) I or we need enough lead time to have the product ready for launch. (2) The dates of Easter depend on the first full moon after the spring equinox. The pattern of years of 50, 51, 54 and 55 weeks from Easter to Easter, rotates according to the 19-year "metonic cycle," reflecting the rotation of the moon's orbit around the earth. 2034 is a good year to mark the "start" of that cycle, in that, in that year, there is a solar eclipse on the spring equinox.)

(Done 07/01/20.)

2.   Create a table of all the books of the Bible, numbered. The numbers will be used to keep all cites in the order of the books in the Bible, rather than alphabetical order.

(Done 07/03/20.)

3.   Identify the books to be included in each year, and those to be included in Lent.

These three steps are complete as of 09/05/20. The results appear in the file "Dates of Easter, Books of the Bible, ...", under "Resources," here.

4.   Collect the raw text of all 66 books.  Obtain word count for each.

(As of 07/25/20, I am doing this from the resource www.bible.oremus.org.)

Plan of the work 1. Allot a number of days to each book.