4. Assign Sunday texts
A McElderry Park Lectionary
Daily Lessons

4. Assign Sunday texts

Most of this information will be gathered in files separate from the spreadsheets we have examined.

1.  For each week, designate a Sermon text, from the lessons either of the week before or the week following.

The challenge here is that the assignments may not be the same for years of 50, 51, 54 or 55 weeks. Sermon texts that came up earlier in the year would best not be repeated during the Highlights. I'm enamored of the Parable of the Talents, but parishoners will tire if it comes up three times in a year.

2.  For each sermon text, choose three additional texts, that for each Sunday there will be one each from the Gospels, the Epistles, the Old Testament, and the Psalms. The choices will ideally be made on the basis of common themes. If the Gospel or Epistle text quotes from an Old Testament passage, that would be the Old Testament passage to choose, and vice versa. As an example of themes, the story of David and Goliath might suitably be paired with Ephesians 6, "the whole armor of God." Isaiah 53 would be paired well with Philippians 2. And so on.

Lessons may be published for students' private use, apart from congregational use, before the Sunday texts are all assigned. When the time comes to publish lessons for students, one will hide all columns in the spreadsheets except Year, Week, Day, Text, and Cite; and then sort by Record Type, Year, Week and Day. This will isolate the Lesson records, along with the only information one needs to publish.

b) Dividing an episode into lesssons