About Psalms and Proverbs
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About Psalms and Proverbs

September 1, 2020

For the Psalms and Proverbs, there are 245 days:

49 days/year × 5 years = 245 days.

Each Psalm will constitute an episode.  The vast majority of them will be assigned one day.  Paragraphs are of concern only when a Psalm is assigned more than one day.

September 2, 2020

I cannot take quite the same approach with Psalms as I take with the other books.  Dividing the total number of words by the days allowed, would yield impossibly skewed results, for reason that so many of the Psalms are very short, and each one is to be assigned at least one day.

So I will start with an arbitrary figure for the Target Average Lesson Length (TALL), and adjust that up or down until it fits the desired number of days.

So, I start off like this; note the formula:

The desired number of days is 245.


Counting the number of days from the beginning, until the sum is 49; I find that Year 1 will end with Psalm 40.  Year 2 would end with Psalm 78, but that Psalm has five days, only a few of which would be included in Year 2.  So Year 2 will include Psalms 41-77, 79 and 80.  Year 3 will include Psalms 78 and 81 through 115.  Year 4 will include Psalms 116-150 and four days in Proverbs.

Then again, it makes no sense to do four days of Proverbs in Year 4 and the rest in Year 5.

Let me re-do this.

Here's the new calculation:

Year 1:  Psalms 1—40.  Year 2: Psalms 41—77, 79 and 80.  Year 3: Psalms 78 and 81—113.  Year 4: Psalms 114—150.  Year 5: Proverbs.